Blog Posts and Articles


I can write (or ghostwrite) well-written, engaging content for your blog or publication.  Fully researched, written to your required length, with royalty-free images and screengrabs included.


You’ll also likely want to focus on a keyword for your SEO requirements; I’ll match Google intent without the piece reading like it swallowed a keyword tool.


Topics I can write about include:


  • SaaS
  • Email Marketing
  • Google and Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Amazon FBA 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • eCommerce
  • Business and Management 
  • Project Management


If you’ve been asked to contribute an article and don’t know where to begin, give me a call—I’ll ghostwrite it for you. 


Content Refreshing


Do you have some existing content on your site that you think could serve you better?


I can identify the underperforming pages and refresh and update the content to propel it up the search results.


Content refreshing is an excellent and cost-effective way to boost your free organic traffic. Contact me for a quote today. 


Whitepapers and Lead Magnets


Looking for lead magnets and whitepapers to stuff fresh leads into the top of your sales funnel?


I can write a deep-dive white paper to communicate the benefits of your product or service. Or, if you need something a little lighter to exchange with prospects for their email address, I can produce a lead magnet packed with great content. 


I quote for White paper and lead magnets based on each project’s needs. But I’ll charge a fixed-priced fee that covers all the work needed to produce the final document. 



General B2B Copywriting



Whether it’s an important email that needs polishing or some clunky web copy that could do with attention, I can wave my word-smithing wand at it and edit-in-the-awesome.  


Contact me today if you have any existing content that needs a little TLC, and let’s see what we can work out. 


I charge by the finished article (ahem). 


Hourly rates don’t serve you well. Good writing takes time. So you don’t want an invoice that details my thinking and procrastination time.  


I also don’t charge by the word either. Legal writers used to charge by the word, which is why contracts are so long, impenetrable, and rarely read. 


Instead, we agree on a ball-park length, and I produce writing that’s +/- a few hundred words. 


Remember, you’re not paying me for my time; you’re paying me for the value I can bring. 


My rates are fully inclusive with no hidden fees. I can write as a ghostwriter, and you can add you’re own name. Or, if you prefer, you can publish using my name as a byline. 


You get:

  • Expertly written content. 
  • In-depth research.
  • Internal linking opportunities.
  • Images, annotated screenshots, and suggestions for illustrations. 
  • Two reasonable revision rounds. 


Current rates: 


500-1000 word post $250

1,000-1250 word post $350

1250-1500 word post $400

1500-1800 word post $450

2000+ word post starts from $500


If you’re looking for a whitepaper or lead magnet instead, please contact me as the price will depend on the amount of research and the length of the content you require. 


If you need me to attend virtual meetings beyond an initial discussion, then this is charged at my hourly rate of $75. 


Prices are in US$, though I am happy to invoice in £ Sterling or € Euros.


Interested? Feel free to contact me or check out my portfolio.